We Make Cloud Heroes

Your cloud excellence is our mission. Whether you are a buyer or a seller you will get more value from your essential cloud services with Cloud Economize in your corner.

90 Day free trial of Salesforce Essentials, a thoughtful smattering of Salesforce’s most useful modules that addresses the two biggest Salesforce objections in small businesses: cost and complexity. Supporting up to 10 users at only $25 monthly per user, it works right out of the box and is still customizable with help from dedicated coaches to help your adoption.

The Villain

Overpaying in the cloud. The cloud promises you’ll only pay for what you need; the key is to ensure you only have what you need. If you are leveraging, or intend to leverage Azure or Office 365, the line between what you need and what you buy will blur; it’s inevitable. Common issues are the wrong or underutilized licenses, resource sprawl, expensive transmission links, inactive resources and even service evolution. As new ways are introduced to spend money, rest assured, there is a new way to save it.

The Solution

CloudMAX services, driven by our proprietary optimization blueprint, allows us to understand your business needs and use cases for the cloud. We use that information to establish a unique optimization strategy that can help you get the most out of your Azure and Office 365 adoption. Get the Max from your Cloud with Cloud Economize!

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