CloudMAX for Business

Maximize your cloud value with Cloud Economize’s proprietary lock-step value optimization framework that will guide you from requirements gathering to successful implementation or remediation and beyond.


  • Readiness assessment
  • Goal Review ā€“ Business and Use Case capture
  • Current State Assessment
  • Issue Remediation- Architecture, Cost, etc.
  • Quarterly Audit

CloudMAX for CSP Partners

Maximize your MS Cloud Practice. All the business pundits say the same thing: “you have to start a MS Cloud Practice”, but what does that mean. This is our service to guide you through the nuances of monetizing CSP .


  • Current State Assessment
  • Goal Review
  • Plan creation
  • Retained practice strategic management

Ad Hoc Services for Business

  • Advisory Services
  • Project Management
  • Migration Services ā€“ The 4 Dā€™s
    • Discover
    • Design
    • Do
    • Document
  • MS Cloud Services
  • Windows Virtual Desktop
  • Backup Services

Ad Hoc for CSP Partners

  • Practice Outsourcing

End to End Completion

Cloud Economize realizes that most cloud projects include a hybrid component, you have to get to the cloud after all, so we also offer this complement of services to close the loop.

  • Circuits
  • Equipment and Services
    • Datacenter
    • End-user
    • SIEM
    • Physical security ā€“ CATV
  • Hybrid private cloud options

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