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Tools Keep Getting Better

Multi and Hybrid Cloud Scenarios Simplified Cloud adoption continues to be on the rise and most companies are enacting multi-cloud and/or hybrid cloud strategies. The combination of strategies provides a means for avoiding vendor lock in as well as embracing the realities that some public clouds are better suited for certain workloads, and, of course, […]

Cloud Value Optimization Pro Tip 3 of ????

It’s Not the Journey, It’s the Destination Step 3 – What does your architecture need to look like. Don’t get me wrong the journey is extremely important, that’s your plan to get to the destination; yes, you need a plan. First things first, you need to establish your end state, how do you determine the […]

Cloud Value Optimization Pro Tip 2 of ????

You’ve Got some Explaining to Do Step 2 is to understand your current state? In cloud parlance that equates to what are you paying for?  This step may sound like common sense, but many organizations stop at taking an inventory. Keep reading, this step is more than just counting beans. First step, of course, is […]

Cloud Waste: 1/3 or More of All Cloud Spend

Respondents to Flexera’s 2020 State of the Cloud Report estimated that 30% of their cloud spend is waste. Because respondents historically underestimate things like waste the reality is that waste probably represents as much as 35% or more of all cloud expenditures. Can you imagine that? If you knew that your dripping faucet was 30-35% […]

Cloud Value Optimization Tip – 1of?

Stay True to your intent Cloud sticker shock is a real thing; you need to get past it before it turns into cloud regret. There are numerous cost optimization tactics available, choosing the right ones requires some careful consideration. Whether you are wanting to maximize the value of a cloud project pro-actively or reactively, the […]

Rolling the Dice on SQL 2008

The much hyped End of Service (EOS) for SQL 2008 arrived on 7/9/2019 and it was a nothing burger… As we come upon the 1st anniversary of EOS I thought it would be fun to reflect on what happened (or didn’t, as it were). As an IT consultant I saw an onslaught of literature and […]

Companies Want More Cloud for Less $$$

In a nutshell, “More for less” is just another way of describing value, and we love value, or a great deal or whatever you want to call it. The 2020 edition of Flexera’s State of the Cloud Report has a lot of available information, in fact, I’ll continue citing it in upcoming posts. The report […]