Companies Want More Cloud for Less $$$

In a nutshell, “More for less” is just another way of describing value, and we love value, or a great deal or whatever you want to call it. The 2020 edition of Flexera’s State of the Cloud Report has a lot of available information, in fact, I’ll continue citing it in upcoming posts. The report doesn’t share my exact cloud-value conclusion, bear with me while I connect the dots.

  1. Greater than 50% and 65% of workloads are in public clouds for Enterprise and SMB users respectively
  2. Priority number 1 = Optimize existing use of cloud
  3. Priority number 2 = Migrating more workloads to cloud

You don’t have to be Vulcan to string that logic together…. We are buying a lot of cloud; we are going to keep moving to the cloud and the most important thing to us is controlling the costs of the cloud.

Welcome to optimized value!